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About Nickalls


We are certain our growth is the result of a ‘can do’ attitude and proactive problem solving but our attention to detail and personal service is also very popular with our clients. The Nickalls values appropriately reflect our pragmatic outlook: Teamwork – Collaboration, respect for the individual, team before self Delivery – On time, understandable, correct Integrity – Honest, ethical, transparent Good heart – Care, humour, understanding Professionalism – Dedicated, accurate, reliable


Our two directors Trish and Derek are both Chartered Accountants with business experience and they head up an ACA and AAT qualified team. Coached to take responsibility and always follow through the team are young enough to be ‘Born Digital’ which means they are directly connected to the ever increasing potential of digital business.


At the core of our client relationship is our understanding of your senior team, your business activity and your company. This insight allows us to identify the best way to structure your financial management, processing and reporting. It also enables us to appropriately adjust the detail of your financial and tax planning alongside the governmental requirements that surround compliance. We all know that businesses must comply with HMRC rules and regulations and with the introduction of  Digital Tax, compliance is now as important as it is unavoidable.


We have always first and foremost focused on Compliance support  because if a business fails to comply, they will fail. However, the areas of support we provide extend to the broader financial management needs of every business and these are Planning and Strategy, Performance Management and Employer support.


We are at the forefront of the use of digital technology in accountancy to improve business efficiency and profitability and we will always be looking for ways you can maximise profit or save on outgoings. When preparing your accounts we will also be looking for ways to legitimately minimise your tax liabilities, whether that is income tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax or inheritance tax. Over the years we have proved that organisation, personal service and innovative thinking delivers the best results possible in the management of our clients personal and company finances. You may choose to use our expertise to improve your Planning and Strategy and Performance Management or simply the execution of your tax returns, outsourcing of your payroll or VAT returns.


Transparency is a vital ingredient in any working relationship  and for us this extends to what things cost. So when we know what you need we agree a fee before we start and stick to it.

Part Of The Xeinadin Group

The Xeinadin Group is an extensive group of more than 1,500 advisors spanning the UK and Ireland. Xeinadin Group helps entrepreneurs, SME’s, corporations and not-for-profit organisations achieve their goals and mission. Through unmatched collaboration and innovation, we support and inspire you to reach your strategic business goals or accomplish the mission of your organisation.

We provide all the traditional accountancy services but thrive when we can add value to your business, collaborating with a deep business understanding. In our group, you will find all the expertise needed to help your organisation grow and reach its full potential, regardless of your sector. Xeinadin has a global reach and knowledge but works locally with a personal touch!

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