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Guest Blog Post – Managing Your Marketing

Guest Blog post – Vicki Stone, Vicki Stone Marketing

Keeping up with today’s ever-changing marketing trends
Measuring marketing

According to the advertising and marketing sectors 2016 is set to be the year of video.

Last year was the year of content, so you might have heard your creative or digital agencies nagging you to write more blog posts and make more effort with your company’s social media.  Having a tablet and smart phone responsive mobile website might have also been on your ‘to do’ list in 2015.

With marketing trends and technology changing so regularly, how do you know you’re marketing your business right? How do you know you are not wasting time and missing your prospects altogether?

Lots of time-poor SMEs rely on outsourcing their marketing strategy, design, website or SEO to their creative and digital agencies. The important thing for any company with or without a marketing department is – who is responsible for your marketing plan and how is it being measured?

The importance of a marketing plan

A well thought out marketing plan should be central to all marketing activity.

If it is something you can do yourself, that’s great, but bringing in an agency or consultant with a fresh pair of eyes and marketing brain can really help reap the rewards. Remember, they practice all types of marketing from different sectors, so they see what works and doesn’t work. They’ll bring all that experience to the table when working with you and they have a vested interest in making it work. For Vicki Stone Marketing, it’s our reputation as a results-driven agency that brings us lots of new business.

Your marketing strategy should always be built with your customers in mind. Understanding your customers and prospects is paramount to a successful sales and marketing strategy.

Think carefully about their demographics and how they prefer to be communicated with. If you’re selling catering equipment to restaurant owners it is unlikely they are personally going to be on twitter all day long so twitter might be the right place for you to ‘make friends’ with them. They might read their post and email, so an eye-catching piece of Direct Mail or mailer with a good offer could engage them.

Did the activity actually reach the end users? A 2015 study by Millward Brown found that over 50% of marketers ranked the ability to reach Target Audiences as a key factor to the success of a campaign.

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Measurement is key

The reasons why marketing campaigns fail can be down to the wrong media or tools chosen for the job, a badly executed idea or more than often, no objectives set with no measurement.

You can measure by awareness, or an increase in web traffic, enquiries, sales or market share.

Just like your accountancy, outsource your marketing if you need help. Instead of worrying about what you’re not doing, you can collectively focus on the activity that works to boost your awareness and increase your sales.

A bit about us

Vicki Stone owns Vicki Stone Marketing – a growing marketing & design agency based in Gosforth.

We work with SMEs and large organisations on marketing strategy, branding and design. We’ve worked Globally, Nationally and Regionally with leading businesses from Ingeus to Rightmove to HLA Services.

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