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Auto Enrolment: Employers act now

This is a subject we will be coming back to more than once in the coming months as there are severe financial penalties for all employers who do not comply with the regulations. Recent research by The Pensions Regulator showed a wide variation amongst...

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Harbour Village

The development of a new business village in Amble has taken a major step forward where units will be open for business in Spring 2015. Centred on the town’s seafood industry, the project has been drawn up by Northumberland County Council in partnership with...

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Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

The excellent Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) initiative to get equity investment into start-up companies has been extended by the government. SEIS was originally announced in the 2012 budget and offers would-be investors generous tax breaks for investing in small start-up type businesses. The...

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Inheritance Tax Allowances

When you die the assets which pass across to your surviving spouse, or civil partner, are exempt from inheritance tax.  Assets passed to any other beneficiary are exempt up to a limit.  Assets which exceed this limit then charged to inheritance tax( IHT). The...

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Calling all Employers

Were you aware that from 6th April 2014 you can no longer reclaim any Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) that you have to pay to your employees. This represents a change in legislation and potentially an extra burden on all employers. So, for all employees...

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Research and development tax credits

If your business operates as a limited company, and you are intending to undertake any research or development of a new product or process, then the good news for you is that research and development tax credits will increase from 225% to 230% in...

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Pension Pot

Pension Auto Enrolment for Employers

The Government has amended pension law and every employer has new legal duties to enable their employees to save for retirement. This legal requirement has already commenced for some businesses. In essence, employers have an obligation to enrol employees into a qualifying workplace pension...

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Research and Development Tax Credits can save you money

The Government has set up a scheme for Research & Development Tax Credits with the sole intention of driving UK productivity through the encouragement of innovation. This scheme is only available to businesses liable to Corporation Tax. Many businesses in the UK are unknowingly...

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